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2019 Committee elected at Annual General Meeting

(December 03, 2018)

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of Rainford Tennis Club took place this past Monday.

The existing Committee all stood for re-election without opposition and were unanimously re-elected. The Committee for 2019-2020 has the following members:

  • Chairperson:                           Ron Hamilton
  • Vice-Chairperson:                   Dave Hillier
  • Secretary:                               Simon Webster
  • Treasurer:                               Diane Martindale
  • Membership Secretary:          Tara Thomas
  • Welfare Officer:                      Joe Giblin
  • Junior Representative:            Vacancy

Ron gave a full analysis of the progress that the Club has made over the last two years. In short we have grown both our membership and revenue by around 10%  for two consecutive years. The financial position of the Club remains healthy despite around £10,000 of investment into the Club during the last two years. 

Ron then went on to describe the potential phases of development for the Club, with the real possibility of connecting the Club to mains electric and all that brings, including the subsequent installation of permanent floodlights. Ron then went on to explain why, whilst the development might be possible, it was probably beyond the capabilities of the current Committee without a significant contribution from the members. To address this and to also have a robust succession plan in place the Committee has decided to ask for members to commit to join in the running of the Club, perhaps even being co-opted onto the Committee. 

So, if you love your Club and want to see it progress, believe that the Club should play a full and active role in village life, have administrative, financial or leadership skills, can work well in a team, and want to enjoy growing the Club please contact one of the Committee members.  

As a Committee we fully recognise how busy everybody's lives are, but we can't stress enough how important it is that more people join in and help. We are now entering a stage that should provide a great sense of achievement and self-worth and most importantly of all be highly enjoyable.

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