2019 Club Tournament

The 2019 Rainford Tennis Club Tennis Tournament took place during September with the Finals Day taking place on Sunday 29th September.  
  • Matches are to be played on the times indicated next to each match. 
  • Please contact your opponent(s) to confirm your availability.
  • If one player is not available, then please contact your opponent to rearrange.
  • If you do not have contact details for your opponent, please let us know and we can provide them.
  • Players must agree on the surface they wish to play on.  If players cannot agree then court surface will be determined by the toss of a coin.
  • All matches are the best of three tie-break sets with a championship tiebreak to 10 points being played instead of a third set.]
  • In the event of a dispute, the referee's decision is final.

View the draws and results for the Club Tournament 

2018 Club Tournament Winners